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2019-2020 "Exceptional Service Award," College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Northern Arizona University.

          Dr. Finch is always willing to do a little bit more for her colleagues and students. She is a fierce advocate for faculty on the Senate and has been leading the way with the NTT Council on the development of the teaching stream proposal. She is also an invaluable member of the Sociology Department. Jessie serves at that department's undergraduate coordinator and has taken on countless extra hours of service to improve the programs in Sociology, creating master syllabi, submitting new courses, and overall improving the curriculum to serve students in our college. We sometimes forget to say thank you for service work, but we couldn't let this opportunity pass without telling Jessie that we see her work, we value it, and we are thankful for it. 

2018 “Stockton Faculty Community Engagement Award,” 14th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Program, Stockton University.

          First, Dr. Finch models community engagement through her own service. The most prominent example is her work as the Faculty Coordinator and Co-Instructor of the Stockton Center for Community Engagement’s Naturalization Courses. This course is for permanent residents who wish to become citizens and it meets each week from September-May in Atlantic City. Over thirty community members have regularly attended the course since September of 2015 and nine attendees have successfully become naturalized citizens. Dr. Finch coordinates and teaches weekly lessons along with Undergraduate Student Co-Instructors. This is an admirable combination of service and teaching that demonstrates her commitment to community engagement. 

         She also teaches Social Research Methods as a Service-Learning course to highlight the importance of community engagement for students. She has students investigate social issues in the “real world” by having them run data analysis for the Office of Service-Learning. Having students practice public sociology through problem-based learning and community engagement not only makes for better citizens, but also makes for more active learning.

          Much of her research is also focused on populations dealing with inequality and she is devoted to these communities in the public impact of her work. For example, her work on the criminalization of immigration contributes to improving how the criminal justice system deals with sensitive racial/ethnic issues surrounding immigration crimes. Through developing this kind of scholarly work, Dr. Finch seeks to improve not only social scientists’ understanding of inequality but to better society at large through her community engaged scholarship


2013 “Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student Leadership,” Graduate and Professional Student Council, University of Arizona. 

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